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 AMH after-sales service terms

Dear customers:

  Thank you for buying our Ao-mihoo products, for insuring your consumer rights and interests, please take care for below warranty terms.


Warranty clause:


1.Within the warranty period, defected products could be repaired by Ao-mihoo agents or returned to Ao-mihoo agents after Ao-mihoo approvement of your documents like 

 contract and warranty card;

         We will send you free parts for repairing during 48—72 hours after receiving your after-service requirement.


       2. Warranty situation: Please operate machines under the guidance of user manual; defective issues led by wrong operating methods are out of our warranty terms.

          A.Complete machine is free to repair one year; repairing parts need to be paid when it is out of warranty time;

   B. Paid accessories power supply, remote control.


      3. Out of Ao-mihoo free warranty service, paid after-service as below situations:

          A. Damages caused by not follow the guidance of the user manual to usestorage and maintain products;

   B. Damages led by wrong operatingunstable power supplyhuman destroy, etc.

   C. Damages caused by dismantling and repairing without the approval of Ao-Mihoo;

   D. Failure to present the warranty certificate;

   E. Product information recorded on the warranty sheet cannot conform to repairing product, or the information was altered;

   F. Damage caused by impervious factors (such as lightning, earthquake, fire, flood, etc.). 



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