What is the difference between transparent screen, LCD and OLED screen?

  • A. LCD screen is also commonly known as hard screen. At the same time, LCD itself does not have luminous characteristics, so backlight module is required to emit light.  OLED screen is a more expensive flexible screen, and OLED screen can emit light independently without backlight module due to its own characteristics.

    B. LCD is much thicker than OL ED due to the existence of backlight layer and liquid crystal layer, so OLED screen is very easy to make the mobile phone or display thin, which has no influence on the display. For mobile phone, it is a qualitative leap. A thinner screen allows more components to be inserted to enhance the experience of other parts.

    C. Contrast refers to the ratio of white to black. The higher the contrast, the thicker the picture color. LCD has backlight layer and the color is not pure fruit, so the contrast is difficult to be high. OLED color does not emit light, so some pixels in the black area can be directly turned off. At this time, black is almost zero, so the theoretical contrast can be said to be infinite.  -Words summarize OLED color, OLED is oil painting;  The color is pure and delicate.  LCD is a watercolor painting with hazy and light colors.  Ordinary people can tell the difference between high-end OLED and LCD with one eye.

    D. Transparent screen interactive display is a new display method based on transparent display screen, which is combined with touch and software video.  Transparent display screen can make the screen as transparent as glass. While maintaining transparency, it can also ensure the color richness and display details of dynamic pictures. Therefore, the transparent screen interactive display device can not only allow users to watch the exhibits behind the screen at close range, but also allow users to interact with the dynamic information of transparent lcd display.


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