Digital Signage Buyers Guide Digital Signage Buyers Guide What is Digital Signage? From grabbing the attention of passers by with promotional messages, to delivering up to the minute, searchable information to improve customer or visitor experiences, digital signage is now everywhere, from cinemas, shopping m...
New catalog --customized kiosk please check our catalog of customized kiosk via below link. Click the link now: /amkadmin/wenzhang/kindeditor/attached/file/20221103/20221103111408_55880.pdf
Enjoy Aomak team time-- Happy party beside sea
Operation system With the increasing demand for advertising, make use of some more convenient ways of advertising is essential. In recent years, the rise application of intelligent devices, advertising digital signages are widely used in all kinds of public places, such asbanks, subway, airport, shopping malls...
47.6 inch Stretched Bar display, popular supermarket advertising display Bar Type LCD display monitor commercial screens are designed especially for shelf edge integration in the retail environment. The HuaKe Supermarket shelf advertising LCD digital display screen is using LCD Panel from LG, BOE, and Innolux, also with the resized/cut stretched displays as a way to offe...
Application cases of multimedia digital equipment in the European market Recently years, the demands of different multimedia room (such as school, company, government etc.) is higher and higher, the old devices of electronic whiteboard, Projection equipment would not meet it, so the development of digital display make up the shortages of old devices. As a more than 15 y...
Cooperating with China Welfare Lottery , Providing Simple and Intelligent Life On June 17, 2019, 100pics 55-inch Floor Stand Android All In One with touch function machines were installed and tested in Shenzhen Ao-Mihoo electronics co., ltd. ,delivering multiple intelligent digital signage for China's welfare lottery. Customers can complete the purchase process through self-ser...
Large screen photography, intelligent camera On March 4, 2018, the 55-inch Floor Stand Android all-in-one with touch function machine is equipped with a high-definition camera to provide intelligent settings for scenic spots. Machine can be put in places with dense traffic, such as shopping malls, etc. It is easy to operate too, and the camera...
Intelligent Service for Baoan DIstrict On November 1, 2016, Ao-Mihoocooperatedwith Baoan district government. The 55inch Floor StandAndroid all-in-one machine was installed in various street service centers in Bao 'an District and made the headline of Bao 'an Daily on November 3. In Bao 'an Daily, it was mentioned that Bao 'an is the fir...
Joining hands with Asia Pacific, Adding Intelligence to Education Conference On 2th June, 2015, the third Asia-Pacific expert meeting on education for sustainable development was successfully held in Beijing, China. In order to fully display the topics, contents and results of the meeting, Shenzhen Ao-Mihoohad the honor to provide Multi-Touch All-In-OnePc equipment for the m...
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