Application cases of multimedia digital equipment in the European market

  • Recently years, the demands of different multimedia room (such as school, company, government etc.)  is higher and higher, the old devices of electronic whiteboard, Projection equipment would not meet it, so the development of digital display make up the shortages of old devices.

    As a more than 15 years manufacture of digital display, I am confident  to say that our AMH company is able to provide all digital display to meet different using demands in very high quality,satisfy our customer, free them from worry of quality and technical support.

    Providing a good price is never be our advantage, our advantage is the running goal of our leaders ---Never to lose customer because of quality and service.

    Below I would like to show you our newest customer's feedback of our large size AIO, it is an example of digital display use to multimedia room, the company meeting room. Except the touch AIO for meeting interactive demands, we will show you another floor standing AD display.

    The size could up to 86 inch, also it is touchable, support the interaction from the users and audience.
    If used the old device, the visual effect is unable to get this high standard, video and audio absolutely synchronized, touching flexible, also available to use the assistance of remote controller.
    From the superficial terms, not only for the users but also the  audience get a better sense of experience in visual through this machine.
    If there is further demands to show some special document get special display effect, and the sponsor could develop suitable software or make special photograph working to realize it, do not doubt it, the visual effect would shock audience, and easy to catch sight of audience.

    This customer also provided us some good comment to our simple AD displayer.

    If you have such project need to get solution, I advise you come to AMH, you will find surprise here.

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