Joining hands with Asia Pacific, Adding Intelligence to Education Conference

  • On 2th June , 2015, the third Asia-Pacific expert meeting on education for sustainable development was successfully held in Beijing, China. In order to fully display the topics, contents and results of the meeting, Shenzhen Ao-Mihoo had the honor to provide Multi-Touch All-In-One Pc equipment for the meeting.

    In this meeting, Shenzhen Ao-Mihoo provided wall-mounted Multi-Touch All-In-One Pc machines (as well as online multimedia icloud publishing system) to bring high-definition video, picture display and brand-new touch experience to the experts and scholars in the meeting. The icloud publishing system broadcasts and shares important information of the conference in real time, even more multi-touch and timely information inquiry functions, which can retrieve and display relevant documents of the meeting at any time.

    Different from the traditional model of releasing and replacing information,  the All-In-One Pc with touch function machine and Android multimedia icloud publishing system provided by Ao-Mihoo can intelligently and regularly release and update data content and timely group management, including web browsing online and information consultation, under the timely control of the system administrator.

    This kind of management and man-machine interactive experience have made a deep impression on experts and scholars.


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